I started my business in the year 1990 and at the beginning I didn´t know what to expect. I started in my small workshop only with the machine drill and couple of files. I started to produce several machine products in old and run- down buildings without any help from the state. It was really hard work full of sweat and mishaps but at the end was product I don´ t have to feel ashamed for.We are small machine company with 20 employees. Our production is mechanical engineering – machining iron and colour metals and plastics. We use classical lathes, milling cutters, drills and horizontal machines. We do round and straight sharpening, we use beletr for products of larger measurements. We use machines for lathing of smaller products in larger series as lathing automats, halfautomatic machines and revolver lathes.

We produce also welding products from common profiles and also massive burn outs of higher weight.  We weld antikoro and partly aluminium. We use welding technologies like MIG, TIG and classical point method.

We work also with sheets. We don ´t have our own laser and we buy all parts. We cut sheets with help of alligator shears, bend in classical bending machines or process in classical or CNC edge presses. If it is necessary we use special hydraulic presses. We use cut press Trumph which is equipped with several tools.

We also focus on surface working with wet colour, we plan to start also powder method. We ensure this work in cooperation as well as galvanic and phosphate metallization.

Our production is varied, we produce parts for hydraulics, components for Roots blowers, control parts, covers, parts of distributors and others. We produce components for machine tools and automation of automotive industry – often with own construction solution. We produce also parts for building industry e.g. components for ceiling construction of Chicago Library. We have produced lots of components for construction sets which are used by exhibition stands. We produced with pleasure components for trams production.

Our products are used in various fields and various countries.