We are small engineering company with universal equipment. We are focused on engineering part and serial production.

We produce:

Machine fitting works – welding of constructions made of common construction materials, also stainless or aluminium. We work with metal sheets – we press, bend.

We make lathing on classical lathes with 700 mm average, on CNC lathes to 500 mm. We use also automatic machines for lathing (turning) of smaller averages.

We make shaping on classical and CNC machines and on working machines. We use horizontal machines for larger products.

We make round and flat sharpening with the help of magnetic machines or beletr where we sharpen flats 700 mm x 3 m.

We adjust surface of final products with wet colours – especially akryluretan

Our products are parts for wide usage. The most produced are products for hydraulic – aggregates, hydraulic distribution points, valves, connectors and screws. We also produce parts for aircraft production. The most produced are parts for automotive industry – often with own construction.  We produce components for Roots blowers former mark Lutos. Our production is also focused on components and spare parts of former producer Intos Žebrák. We produce various spare parts for agriculture – hop harvest machines and others. We like to produce parts for technique collectors, car veterans and locomotives. Steam locomotives are our speciality.

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